Thursday, 3 January 2013

I'm baaack!

To celebrate the dawning of a new year, I made myself a list of acheivable goals for 2013. Points nine and 10 were:

9. Start my blog again, this time with a focus on real life adventures rather than TV/film/comics.
10. Have some real life adventures.

The order that I put those two statements in tell you everything you'll ever need to know about my priorities in life.

So, Follow the Nerd is up and running again. Yes, it'll still be a wee bit nerdy. Yes, I will still go on the odd feminist rampage. But it'll be about REAL THINGS now.

(For my TV/film/comics journalist, keep an eye on Bad Haven and Starburst, and for updates on my short film keep an eye on the Seven Stages of Geek blog.)

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