Monday, 28 December 2009


Here's pretty much all you need to know about me: I'm a girl, I'm in my mid-20s (24 counts as mid, right?), I have a professional job, and I'm a total geek. Not a computer geek, mind, so expect plenty of glitches on this blog. Apologies in advance.

No, my geek leanings are more in the sci-fi/fantasy/comics/TV/films area. Positively socially acceptible, right? If you're a bloke, yeah. The 'Seth Cohen' mold of geek, if you like. Quirky, yet handsome. Someone who has seen every episode of Star Trek (yes, even Enterprise) and still finds time to work out. But where do us female geeks (feeks?) fit in?

I'm not a Goth. The word 'executive' in my job title rules out that form of self-expression (as does my laziness when it comes to make-up and my fear of body piercings). I don't walk around in 'Kneel Before Zod' t-shirts, although I do have a Vote Petrelli badge and a Join the Colonial Marines poster. I might not fit the cliche, but I am most definitely a nerd. I can talk confidently about the Wolfman/Perez era Teen Titans comics, tell you Buffy's home address and sing Red Dwarf's Tongue Tied from start to end, complete with dance moves. But I also love Ugly Betty, can quote whole passages of Shakespeare and secretly quite like The Saturdays (they make catchy pop, okay?!).

I practically lead a double life. Most of my friends know I like my Joss Whedon, but very few know about the comics thing. And as for blokes, if they're not put off by the academic geekiness, their smile starts to become a little strained when they spot my Batman collection. Sometimes, I even manage to look half-way cool, like this:

But most of the time, I look like this:

I am a daywalker geek. You wouldn't know it to look at me. And this blog is for all you guys and gals who struggle along with me, being forced to hide your geekiness during the boring nine-to-five that we have to call 'real life'. This is for everyone who laments the trauma of having to hold a conversation with your workmates about Cheryl Cole when you'd much rather be talking True Blood.

You are with friends here!

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